From small beginnings in 2004, the company has developed into the leading Irish recycler of all types of display systems, televisions and monitors, and operates from a modern and secure premises. Processes and equipment at The Recycling Village Ltd have been continually upgraded and optimized to realise high standards in the production of material for various end users, achieving a recovery rate of greater than 80% of the material.

While the company has many clients, it works very closely with the two national WEEE compliance schemes, WEEE Ireland and ERP. All activities at The Recycling Village Ltd are carried out in a sound environmental manner and in compliance with national and European legislation. The Recycling Village Ltd’s operations are continuously monitored under a certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which ensures that our high quality products are produced by methods that are safe for employees while protecting the environment.

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IE Licence W0286-01   Insurance Cover   Tax Clearance   ISO 14001 Certificate

Brokers Licence  Environmental Policy   Health & Safety Policy   WEEELABEX Conformity Certificate